Lesson 3.3) How to Make a $1000 per Month Passive Income Website using Onsite SEO (Pt. 3)

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This is the third of three lessons where I teach you how to search engine optimize a WordPress website, while also teaching you the construction of a website designed to make $1000 in passive income per month from Google Adsense. The website I teach you how to make is The Passive Income Sample Website.

In this specific lesson I will show the final process of how to interconnect your entire website using the Automatic SEO Links plugin to leverage the entire authority of the website to help push each individual page up in the Google search engine results. I will also show you how to add the finishing touches to fully search engine optimize the website.

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passive website search engine optimization

(Or click here: How to Make a $1000 per Month Passive Income Website (Pt. 3) on Udemy).

Note: To purchase original content of all quality levels (in other words, outsource your writing) from the same service I use for all my articles, click here: The Content Authority

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Mike Omar

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26 Responses to “Lesson 3.3) How to Make a $1000 per Month Passive Income Website using Onsite SEO (Pt. 3)”

  1. I have an issue with the automatic seo links plugin.

    I added a link but input the wrong address. the problem is the list of links is completely blank! so I cant remove it or change it…

    when I try to use the same keyword it says it cant do it (because I’ve already used it) when I go to database it says there is a link.

    so I dont know how to change it, if someone clicked the link on my website they go to page not found.

    • Hi G,

      You can delete or edit any links you’ve already added on the right side of the screen. You can also add new links along the top. I’m not sure why these options aren’t working for you.

      If these options still aren’t working though, you can always uninstall the plugin and then reinstall it. That should work.

      Let me know if you are able to resolve the issue.


      • honestly the links aren’t appearing so I can’t edit them.

        I tried reinstalling it, but it hasn’t helped. (ver 2.0.1)

        Also, the plugin saves the link table, so I cant remove the bad links by reinstalling it either.

        is there anyway I can purge the database or alter it manually?

        • Hi G,

          At this point, your best bet might be to contact HostGator support and see what they tell you. They’re always good about helping resolve situations like this. Sometimes certain plugins are incompatible with certain themes or other plugins. You could also try installing a different plugin that does the same thing (there are usually lots of plugins that do the same thing).

          Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.


  2. The links aren’t showing up even though they must be there because I see the words in blue. Also it appears only the first time I use a word it’s highlighted.

    • Hi Jean,

      You can mess around with a lot of the features in the plugin when you go the “settings” of that plugin. That includes how many times a link can show up on a single page.


  3. Hi Mike,
    Interesting reading these responses as I am experiencing the same issue. The links are not showing, the data base says there are links , but does not show them or allow any way of reading them. When I go to the article, only the first time the word is used is linked, but not thereafter.

    The plugin does not have a settings link to change anything and the add links page shows nothing and is unresponsive so I am unable to change, edit or delete anything (not that anything is showing). I’ve tried all your suggestions and I will contact Hostgator to see if they can help but is there another automatic seo link plugin you could recommend?

    Getting to the business end of my project now, so getting excited 🙂

    • Hi Linda,

      I wonder why this plugin is starting to cause people problems?? Maybe it isn’t as compatible with new versions of WordPress or certain themes?

      If you can’t get it to work though, simply go to the plugins area and type something like “automatic links” into the search box. Guaranteed there will be plenty of plugins out there that do what we’re looking for.

      Let me know if you can find a solution!


  4. Mike,

    I’m not sure if you covered this in one of the previous videos, but I see on this video that you have a home page where your posts appear. I created a home page, but I can’t figure out how to make the posts appear on it. What did I miss?

    Thanks so much for this video series. I’ve been reading about making money online for a while, but you’re the first that I’ve come across who breaks the process down into steps I understand and can follow.

    • Hi Lynn,

      The posts should automatically appear on the homepage (unless you’re using some really weird theme). Do you have at least a couple of posts published? What is currently on the homepage?


      • Hi Mike,

        I figured it out. I fiddled around with trying to redirect the urls and messed things up so badly I couldn’t get back into my admin page. After I uninstalled and reinstalled WordPress, I realized I was making it more complicated than it needed to be–a typical newbie mistake, I know. I just needed to customize my theme to give my home page the title “Home.” From that point it was easy to tell it to put my posts there.

        As I’m starting from almost no knowledge, my progress is slow–but I’m learning a lot!

        • Hi Lynn,

          Glad you figured it out! Also, those experiences where you mess up and need to start over are usually the ones that teach the most, so no worries there!


  5. I’m confused. I made my first website for the design service and that’s perfect. Now I’m following your steps for the 10 passive websites. I bought another domain, added the hosting, changed the name servers. Now here’s my confusion, do I add it to my original WordPress site or do I Quick install another wordpress? If I use the same one, what are the steps to do so?

    • Hi Jewell,

      So all new websites should go on the same HostGator account. Once you’ve updated the nameservers for each new domain, you need to add your domains to the “addon domains” section of your cPanel. Once you do that and you go to do the QuickInstall of WordPress, you’ll see your new websites show up as an option to install WordPress onto. So essentially it’s the exact same process as before, except on additional step of adding your domains to “addon domains.” 🙂


      • I did it! Thank you so much for your help, all your videos and books! Now just 9 more sites to get up. God bless you. When I get proficient at this I want to share the knowledge to others like you do for free.

        • Not a problem, Jewell! Also, if you have the time, would you mind leaving a positive review for my books on Amazon? Those reviews are very helpful for me. 🙂

          If not, no worries! Thanks again! 🙂

  6. I think I have your voice stuck in my head. I have watched your videos over and over, time and time again. I just wanted to leave a comment somewhere on your site. I appreciate your work, it really helped me to get started. I learn better from videos than I do from reading, but I bought the eBook as well just to show my support (the quality is amazing for free). I never thought to leave a review of your book on amazon, but I certainly will as soon as I have 10 websites up. I know this is your niche, but regardless I appreciate the effort you put into your work.

    • Thank you so much, Justin!!! Believe it or not, these types of comments make me really happy to read, so thank you for writing. 🙂

  7. Mike or others,
    What is your thought on Google urging people to link their Google+ ID in the webmaster tools with their blog? Is this a good strategy for SEO or is it an initiative for Google to crackdown on individuals owning multiple niche sites?

    • Hi Chad,

      I would only do this for my major websites and blogs that I actively work on and are of high quality. In that case, linking your Google+ ID will be beneficial to you. If you link to your small / static / cookie-cutter websites, that might bring you some unwanted attention.



  8. I have a question about the related keywords. After I have found those blue keywords and then I go back to the keyword planner and put each in to find related keywords, do I then need to google search each of those related words to find how high their page rank is? I found on one of my sites that almost all of the related keywords that I used for one particular blue keyword article had page ranks above 3 in a google search. I hope I’m explaining this in a way that makes sense. Thanks

    • Hi Tyler,

      Nah, no worries about doing the competition analysis research on the related keywords. Those are just keywords you may as well include in your article and backlink profile because they’ll help with ranking your main target keyword. And if you do end up ranking for them (which is certainly possible), that’s just bonus money. 🙂


  9. Hi Mike,

    Mike I am currently at work on my second website! However, contrary to what you teach, my website will be a affiliate e-commerce store rather than a blog. It will display lots of affiliate products for weak competition keywords. I was wondering mike, How can I optimize those product pages because the only content that I can really add is products. Unlike blog posts, where you can add related keywords and optimize it more, product pages seem to have a different way of seo. I also want to build backlinks to my website that is ecommerce, what would be the best link types to focus on(web 2.0, blog comments, link exchanges, article directories)?

    • Hi Beck,

      Pretty much everything works the exact same way for the backlinking part of it (try and get links from anywhere you can). As far as onsite SEO, try and get the related keywords in there somehow…perhaps short reviews for each product that you sell? Even that little bit would help tremendously (websites with lots of affiliate links and thin content are tougher to rank than the kinds of websites I teach). Perhaps attach a blog to a separate page of your affiliate store? You’re going to have to test a little, but that’s the direction I would go if I were attempting a project like this.



    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the reply Mike. I understand what you say about putting up a blog which I have already done on my website. The blog will be there to provide excellent content to users about my niche. I will also recommend products on there and it will be used for getting more readers and building a genuine community within my website. I am also starting to build up social media profiles such as Twitter (50 followers) Tumblr (70 Followers) and Pinterest(60 Followers) where I will market my blog posts and viral content. I have seen many affiliate website that market products and have a description about them with a link pointing to a buying website. That is the direction I am going and I am going to try to bring the BEST products for my visitors so it’s not just that I am trying to sell any product. Do you think this is the right direction to go as an affiliate marketer Mike??

      • Hi Beck,

        I like your plan a lot! It’s actually the kind of mentality I wish all my students had (a focus on quality and longevity). Keep me posted on your progress and good luck. 🙂


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