Learn EXACTLY how to make $5,000 per month by building passive income websites using my step-by-step video series and action plan, all 100% free on this website.

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Who are you?

I am Mike Omar!  I own a portfolio of over 160 websites that are all monetized in different ways.  How did that happen?  Read my story.

How are you?

I’m super!  Thanks for asking!

What is the LIONS CLUB?  

The LIONS CLUB is the club I made to encourage entrepreneurship and teach people how to make money online PASSIVELY. If you want to have total control of your time, be your own boss, and work your own hours from your laptop, join the LIONS CLUB movement and empower yourself by executing the lessons that I teach!

What exactly do you mean “PASSIVELY”?

It means that your bank account is growing on auto-pilot without you having to do anything at all.

So I can make money without doing anything??

Not quite!  What I teach is how to build websites that make money on their own without your presence being required.  It DOES take work to accomplish, but once it’s done, that work will pay off the rest of your life.  In other words, instead of trading your time for money (i.e. getting paid $20/hour), you will invest your time for money (i.e. spend a week building a website that makes you $200/month for the rest of your life).  Then you make 20 more websites like that.  Or 100.

If you use my methods and work your butt off, you could eventually be earning a full time salary….PASSIVELY.  It took me about 2 years to accomplish, but now I work only when I feel like it.  See why this stuff is worth learning?

Are you going to charge me for teaching me your methods?

Nope.  This is totally 100% FREE.

So are you just sharing all your incredible secrets on how to make money online because you’re a really nice guy and a totally cool dude?

Well…I am a really nice guy and a totally cool dude, but I will be making money from this website (I’m not that nice lol).

How?  Through AFFILIATE MARKETING (this f.a.q. just became your first lesson!).  Basically within my lessons, I will be recommending lots of products that will help you make money online.  I’ll be linking to these products through links, but they won’t be regular links, they’ll be AFFILIATE links.  These links have a tracking code so that if you follow my link and purchase that product, I will make a commission.  This is how a lot of people make money online.

*** I do want to clarify that every single product I recommend is a product I actually believe in and use in my online business! ***

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes find bizarre websites where someone just reviews a bunch of toaster ovens or something just as obscure?  It’s most likely NOT because they are obsessed with toaster ovens, but because every time someone buys one of those products through those links, the owner of the website makes a commission.  So think twice before taking a recommendation online!

And guess what else?  If you follow through with my lessons, you may end up making some websites about some pretty random products as well!

So how exactly are people making money online?  

There are countless ways to make money online, but I will be focusing on teaching you the simplest and most effective methods (all of these will be explained in much greater detail later, but here is a brief overview for now).

The first passive method of making money online is through Google Adsense or other advertisement sharing programs.  How it works is people make a website and put their Google Adsense code on there. This code will display a block of advertisement links related to the content of the page it is on. Anytime someone visits the website and clicks on an advertisement, the owner of the website (you!) gets paid.

Another major method for making money online is by selling downloadable products that the owner of the website (you!) created. These can be ebooks, songs, videos, software, or anything else that people would be willing to pay for.  The sales page is set up, people click the “buy now” button and submit their credit card or PayPal information, and you get that money submitted into your bank account (and they get redirected to a download page for their product).

A slightly more complex method (but very profitable!) is to create a membership website.  These websites charge a membership fee to become a member, and those members are given access to exclusive content on the website (could be any kind of media).

A final method that people make money online is through affiliate marketing.  These are websites that link to other websites using affiliate links, and if a person buys something from the website that is being linked to, the owner of the website makes a commission. This website is an example of an affiliate website (although it’s a little unique).  A more common example would be a website that reviews different types of toaster ovens and redirects you to Amazon to make the purchase.

Aren’t you worried about creating competition for yourself by teaching your methods?

Not at all! The Internet continues to grow exponentially year after year and the amount of money that can be made online is virtually limitless. I have absolutely zero concerns.

Is making money online hard?

I’m going to tell you something that most people that teach how to make money online won’t tell you.  Are you ready?


The reason they don’t tell you that is because they are usually trying to sell you a product and convince you that it’s something easy to accomplish.  It isn’t.

HOWEVER, if you can manage to get through the very difficult first year of building yourself a portfolio from scratch, you will achieve the ultimate dream: ever-growing passive income that is deposited directly into your bank account every month for the rest of your life. Anyone who knows me will tell you that my lifestyle is pretty awesome (I vacation all the time while earning money passively).

If you are willing to work hard for even just one or two years, you can develop a passive income that pays as much or more than a well-paying full time job.  And just imagine where you could be in five years.  Or ten.

This is not an exaggeration at all, but it DOES take hard work at the beginning.

So how exactly will you be teaching your lessons? 

The lessons are a series of Udemy video blog posts (meant to be watched in order!) that show you EXACTLY how money is made online.  There is nothing vague about them so you can’t get lost or screw up.  This video series is totally step-by-step…you just have to put in the work.

I don’t recommend skipping any lessons (since they are all full of random useful nuggets of information!), but since I know some of you will anyway, I’ve categorized them for those of you who want to skip around.  I still highly recommend you watch all of them in numerical order though.

Another option is to get the entire lesson plan on this website in book form on Amazon: HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Learn how to make money from home with my step-by-step plan to build a $5000 per month passive income website portfolio.

Or you may also be interested in my other book on Amazon: HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ: How to create a website, write about a topic you love, develop a loyal readership, and make six figures doing it. It has similar principles as my first book, but the overall strategy is different.

My personal website portfolio is made up of both of these types of businesses (generic passive income websites and cared-for blogs), and I suggest you build both kinds of websites for your business as well.

Can I contact you directly if I have any questions?

Yes! I love connecting with my readers and something I like to do is personally help them with their online financial goals.

When I learned about Internet marketing and built my online business, my life changed forever. Now I don’t mind spending some of my free time helping others to find the same success. That is why I spend a few hours each morning answering emails and helping people develop their online business.

I’d be happy to help you find success in any way that I can.

Please feel free to send me an email telling me who you are, why you are interested in making money online, what your online income goals are, and how you found out about my online school.

Please contact me through my contact page.

Is there any way I can thank you?

You’re always welcome to write me an email and tell me about how my lessons have you helped you in any way, big or small. I LOVE those emails!

Aside from that, you can share my lessons with friends or family, leave positive reviews for my books on Amazon, and ***BEST “ONE OF ALL***: leave a positive review for my main course on Udemy. 🙂

Lastly, why is it called the “LIONS” CLUB? 

Because lions are strong and awesome (and notoriously lazy), and so am I! 😉

Don’t forget to sign up for the LIONS CLUB newsletter on the right sidebar and good luck on your new ventures!

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