Wait! Before you visit my photography school…


Before you visit my photography school, I’d like to point out a few things about it first. The reason for this is so that you can understand why the website is set up the way it is and also see that everything I’ve done there is something that is covered in the video series (and something that you can emulate just as easily).

This online school will not only generate some good passive income for me, it will be a live example of everything I teach, including:

– How to design a website with WordPress, using a premium theme from Elegant Themes.
– How to add a sign up form to develop a mailing list and weekly newsletter, powered by AWeber.
– It will include a blog with search engine optimized posts to generate organic traffic from Google and other search engines.
– It will have a recommended products page where all cameras and equipment will link to Amazon with Amazon Associate links (making a commission for each sale).
– The actual course will be sold as a ClickBank product and the lessons will be mailed out weekly through AWeber.
– An affiliate program will be made available so that affiliates can refer customers to me and both parties will make money (an affiliate program is automatically included as an option when you sell a product through ClickBank and you can set the commission percentage at any level you want).


Unfortunately, the photography school is in it’s final stages of development, and because I don’t want to reveal the URL until it’s complete, all I have available is a sign up form. In the meantime, please sign up for my photography school newsletter, so that you’ll be alerted when the photography school is ready for the public and can see everything I’ve outlined fist hand:


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