Lesson 5.2) How to Build Links by Submitting Articles and Link Requests

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Note: To purchase original content of all quality levels (in other words, outsource your writing) from the same service I use for all my articles, click here:ย The Content Authority. If you are interested in outsourcing the entire SEO backlinking process through my personal team, click here: High Quality Outsourcing.

In this lesson I show you the actual process of link building through article submissions and the process of emailing other webmasters to request links.

The specific lessons taught in this video are how to write and set up back link articles, how to submit articles to article directories with appropriate anchor text for back links, and how to best contact other webmasters to get links from them too (the best types of links you can get!).

Make sure you are logged into Udemy and signed up for the course before clicking the video below or you won’t be directed to the correct video (it’s completely free to register).

how to submit articles for links

(Or click here:ย How to Build Links by Submitting Articles and Link Requests on Udemy).

Note: To purchase original content of all quality levels (in other words, outsource your writing) from the same service I use for all my articles, click here:ย The Content Authority. If you are interested in outsourcing the entire SEO backlinking process through my personal team, click here: High Quality Outsourcing.

Here are some top article directories you can submit to:


Please leave comments if you have any questions!

Mike Omar

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48 Responses to “Lesson 5.2) How to Build Links by Submitting Articles and Link Requests”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’ve seen a page where you recommend a bunch of resources. I really like that. Since I’m in the computer repair service, I would not only like to be an affiliate for products that have helped me with my success, but also the local people who have helped me like my lawyer, my accountant, my customers who have businesses…My concern is that they are in different businesses than what I’m in. Would that be a problem having a link to a site of a different niche or should I just work in an explanation of the work I did for them along with a bio?

    Can you make links to sites without permission? Like my client lists companies he’s trained for and I’d like to link them to their site. Would that be considered a backlink?

    Thanks for this. I can’t tell you how awesome your training is.

    • mike omar says:

      Hi Lisa,

      It is not a problem at all that the sites you are linking to are unrelated! I would definitely recommend working in an explanation about them to help out your readers though.

      You are definitely allowed to link to other websites without their permissionโ€ฆthat is how the internet works! And most people would welcome links to their website. Those links would be considered a backlink to them and make their website stronger. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      Mike Omar

  2. Hi Mike!

    I really like your e-book on how to make $5000 per month. It is very interesting, and I am currently working on my first website using all your suggestions on how to set it up.

    I have one question though, and it might be a stupid one, but hey, i’m a beginner. ๐Ÿ™‚ How do you actually build a backlink to a related keyword? The problem is that the related keyword doesn’t have an article of its own, so which URL should the link point to?

    Thanks for all your all your e-book and your videos!


    • Hi Tomas,

      I’m glad you liked the ebook and you’re working on your first website…congrats!

      No worries, there are no stupid questions! I would suggest creating a backlink with your related keyword as the anchor text back to your main article URL about the primary keyword. This will not only help it rank for the primary keyword, but possibly for the related keyword as well, and help keep your website safe since you are getting anchor text variation in your backlinks.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Hi, does this concept of SEO still works? Because I heard of google penguin and panda update which let the website pageranks decrease if too much Keywords or anchor keywords are used.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m glad you asked that because a lot of people have been concerned about the Penguin and Panda updates and how that affects my entire passive income strategy. My portfolio of websites was largely unaffected by those Google updates and I believe it is due to a number of factors:

      1) My content on all my websites is EXCELLENT (a lot of people put up poor content, and as a result don’t get natural links from powerful authority sites in the long run). Sites with poor content that were propped up off of purely manually constructed links (article submissions to article directories) were hit hard by the algorithm updates.

      2) My link building strategy is very conservative in terms of “anchor text” percentages, and that percentage is made even more conservative due to the fact that I focus more on developing natural links through great content and guest posting through networking online (not solely on article submissions to article directories, as a lot of people do).

      Doing those things and keeping your promotional techniques varied will protect your websites in the long run. And you’ll be happy with each algorithm update, because it will knock out a bunch of your competitors and strengthen your personal websites at the same time!

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


  4. Hi Mike!

    Your videos are awesome! I have a question regarding ezinearticles…

    On Ezine the info related to affiliate links state:

    “You may include affiliate links that originate at a top-level domain which you own in your articles. These affiliate links are transparent and build trust between author and reader, and they also increase the credibility of the author’s brand and their status as an expert.

    It is not permissible to link to the top level domain of an affiliate product and then instruct the reader to use your affiliate code when purchasing the product. This practice misleads the reader by not preserving transparency and destroys your credibility as an expert author.”

    Can you translate in simple English please? Sorry might seem silly, but I can’t wrap my head around it just yet.

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Mae,

      Thanks so much for the kind words about my videos!

      I will admit, I had to read this twice, but I believe they mean that you are only allowed to include links with a URL that you own (and then that link could redirect to your affiliate link bringing the reader to the site / product you are promoting).

      I’ve always used Ezine to build backlinks for my websites, so I’m not 100% sure on this, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they mean (you can always just submit your article, and then if they reject it, you know you did something wrong!).

      The second part just means you can’t specifically tell readers to use your affiliate code when purchasing a product within the article.

      Hope this clears it up a bit!


  5. Mike,

    Great Stuff! Do you have any Link Building updates after Penguin 2.0?

    • Hi Paul,

      The link ratios are actually updated since the Panda and Penguin updates. Luckily, even before those updates came, my linking strategies were very conservative anyway and my content has always been strong, so I was hardly affected by these updates.


  6. Hello Mike
    I finished reading your book and it was really interresting !
    I have a question : for the articles to be submitted to the different websites, do these need to be different ? Can I write one article for each keyword and submit it to 3 different websites or the articles needs to be at least slightly different ?
    Thanks for you help.

    • Hi Zoe,

      Unfortunately the articles need to be different. Of course you COULD submit the same article to different places, but doing that would make the links a lot less valuable (since search engines give a link within a duplicated article to have a lot less value than the original). I know it means a lot more tedious work, but that’s just how it is.


    • HI Mike. if the same article has been re-written 3 times by the content authority (all in a different way), can I then use the article for 3 different article directories or would they still be too similar?

      • Hi Tim,

        As long as the article directory accepts them, you’re good to go! This is because most article directories have duplicate content checkers, so if they think the article is unique, chances are that Google does too.



        • thanks Mike!
          another question: how can I add links to my articles on infobarrel? I cannot seem to find it.

          • Hi Tim,

            I haven’t submitted my own articles in a long time haha (I outsource all this now). But there has to be a way to insert them using one of the buttons along the top. And if not, you can always do it manually using HTML (just look up “HTML links” in Google). Also try Infobarrel support. The entire point of their website is so submit articles with links, so I’m sure they try to make it pretty easy to do that. Give it another shot and if you still can’t figure it out let me know and I’ll help you out. ๐Ÿ™‚



  7. Can the articles you use on article directories be articles on your website?

    • Hi Rush,

      You COULD use the same articles for directories (after all, it isn’t illegal!), but I wouldn’t recommend it. Google greatly devalues links that are coming from duplicated articles online, and the entire point of posting articles on article directories is to get the most “link juice” possible out of them (to help strengthen your main website).


  8. Hi Mike,

    I have two questions for you:

    1.I would like to know what your opinions are on writing the blog in two kinds of language for same article. Do you think this will generate more traffic or create more confusion?

    2.Which is most important for blog traffic between topic and blue keyword? For example, some topics may contain more blue keywords, but it is not my knowledgeable field or familiar with. As I understand blog traffic is able to attractive people to surfer if it has to update contents often. This is my confused issue.


    • Hi Michael,

      1. I would absolutely do it, but I’d make two separate websites for each language. Having them all on the same website would be confusing for readers and for Google.

      2. That choice is up to you. Some people prefer to write about a topic they love even if it is generally a tougher topic, while other people want to go to for the easiest topic they can find (the one with the most blue keywords), even if they don’t know much about the topic.


  9. Hi Mike
    My question to you is that i have 28 articles on my site that is what i started with and in your video it says split the 25% of backlinks into the blue keyword and website title. Would the ratio of backlinks change for me because i have 28 articles and i have to write 28 articles for links? If you say yes how do i do that or can you tell me what it would be? If you say no what do you recommend I do. I am curios because would google be suspicious of my site if i add to many backlinks. Also what are naked links?


    • Hi Chris,

      No matter how many articles you have on your website(s), be sure to keep the ratio percentages the same.

      Naked links are anchor texts like “click here”, “read more”, “learn more here”, etc. They are anchor texts that don’t tell Google anything about what the website is about (but because they happen all the time online, having them makes your backlink profile look more natural).



  10. For individual posts, do i set backlinks for every indivudual post that i have. Which is 28


    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, you should create backlinks for all of your posts (regardless of how many posts you have). Over time though, each new post you add to your website will need less and less back links to start ranking for keywords (because your website will get more powerful as time goes on).


  11. Hi Mike love your work on website making, I just have a couple questions. When I recieve content from individuals in post runner, will I have to put the product they are writing about in the keyword research tool to see if the pagerank is 3 or less? Also could I backlink and monetize other peoples content that is on my site. When I make my articles for back links for individual posts I’m supposed to include the related keyword right? For individual posts for back links do I put the url of the post into the related keyword and the main keyword?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words about my website! Please spread the word. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As far as your questions:

      Nah, you have nothing to worry about when you are receiving content from PostRunner (any content will help your website grow stronger as long as it is unique and of high quality). And yes, you can certainly backlink other people’s articles that are on your website (although at that point, I’d check to see if the post has a keyword with high earning potential on it). In backlink articles you can use the target keyword or related keywords as your anchor text. And no, for backlink articles make sure if you have more than one link within the article, both of those links are pointing toward different URLs.



      • Thanks! One more question should I make the related keyword in the backlink articles pointing to the website title or what? Becuase you said to have them pointing to different urls.

        • Hi Chris,

          There are no hard rules to doing this this (I do a mix and match approach that is somewhat randomized). At the end of the day, more links from more different places with more variation in the anchor text will help you in the long run, because that is what a natural link profile looks like.


  12. Hey Mike!
    I have been working on link building and I recently just got a website with a page rank of 2 to link to my site. After that my website immediately dropped from getting around 500 views to 80 the very next day. Does this mean I did something wrong and Google is penalizing my site? If so how do I fix it? Thank you!

    • Hi Brandon,

      It’s very common for websites to jump up and down in the SERPs from time to time throughout the lifetime of the website, especially when they are less than a year old (and as websites become more established, their rankings stay a little more stable). Even if you are getting a temporary drop, don’t attribute that to any one thing in particular. As long as you get more links and add more content over time, your website will continue to rank higher and higher for more and more keywords in the long run. Also, congrats on getting a link from a PR2! ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. How’s it going Mike? I’ve confirmed that about 10 or so links are up and linking to my site by going to those pages and clicking the links, yet when I use various tools (market samurai, majestic, etc.) to check my back links, they only say I have a link or two.

    Did you encounter this problem as well? Do the links eventually register?

    Thanks man.

  14. Hi Mike! where do you place your links on article directories that say ‘HTML code is automatically stripped out’ on articlecity or ‘no HTML code’ (and no alternative to add links). Would you place a direct URL link to your website in the article or what would you suggest?

    • Hi Tim,

      If they aren’t allowing HTML links then the next best alternative is to place the URL directly within the article. I find that really odd though…what directories aren’t allowing HTML? I probably wouldn’t use those directories very much (or possibly at all).


  15. How’s it going Mike? I’ve started wondering if my article submissions are too similar. I’ve got about 4 “shell” articles so far I’ve been working with. Each time I sit down and submit to an article directory, I’ll rewrite them. Same ideas. Same outline. Different words within.

    Did you do a similar method? I wonder if similar words showing up in similar places will trigger a red flag in Google.

    • Hi Bill,

      I know I’ve submitted very similar articles to different directories in the past (and will continue to do so), but that method is no longer very effective after the first few times you’ve submitted your articles to each directory. Once you’ve used that method, try to do powerful and meaningful guest posts on related websites – that will be a much more effective method of getting your websites to become much more powerful and rank for more keywords overall.


      • Thanks for all your help Mike.

        I’ve done the guest post twice now. Certainly much more work as I really wrote top notch stuff, so I hope it’s worth it!

        • That’s fantastic, Bill! I still believe those to be the best types of links you get…they’ll go a long way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I e-mailed a newbie question to Mike and he was kind enough to respond right away so I thought I’d share it with the community. My question was
    “when I submit a backlink article to a site such as hubpages, can I use that same article on infobarrel or does that one need to be unique”?

    Mike’s reply “unfortunately, all of the articles must be unique”

  17. Mike, in several recent comments, you’ve referencd trying to get guest post opportunities on related websites. How best would you suggest going about trying to get those opportunities? In specific, how would we approach a website owner with that proposition?


    • Hi Martin,

      A simple email introducing yourself and your website is the way I show in the videos. You can also connect to other webmasters through commenting, forums, etc. It’s just like connecting with people in real life; you have to make the first move!



  18. Is it just me? (surprised there were no comments about this)
    When I click on video or link below it opens 5.1 video, the previous lesson. If that was done on purpose (guess it does help building a mailing list :)) – please send me the correct link to lesson 5.2.

    Thank you

    • Hi Lesia,

      I just checked the link and it looks like it is going to the correct video lesson. I think you might be referring to the numbers being different, but that’s because Udemy made my intro video count as a lesson, so they’re all off by 1. If I’m mistaken about this, please let me know so I can check again and fix it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Hi Mike,

    Mike I was wondering how often do you use Market Samurai when doing keyword research? Do you use it everytime you do keyword research? I have found it as such a great tool that lets to take hours of hard work out of keyword research. On question tho mike. I was looking at some keywords on market samurai and it said the first page that was a result of Google was actually a PR 0. However, when I checked with my seo tool on Google chrome, it said the #1 result had a page rank of 7! What number should I trust?

    • Hi Beck,

      Yeah, I use MS every time I do keyword research (I agree it’s a fantastic tool haha). And yes, trust the results from Market Samurai instead of the ones from SEO for Chrome (they have been giving faulty results lately). MS is the way to go. ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Hi, Mark

    I am Japanese from a city near Tokyo. I enjoy your book and reached this website. Now I starts a few website.
    I am not really good at computer things so your videos were real help to me. I already learned a lot.

    Now I am in this section. I would like to put some writings on the article directories. However I can not really find Japanese article directories.

    I thought internet would be mostly the same regardless the language .
    Do you have any idea about this ??

    • Hi Tomi,

      I don’t know of any article directories in Japanese. However, if there are none, that seems like a HUGE opportunity! All the major article directories make a ton of passive income….:)


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