Why is testing monetization techniques so important? Example inside.

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Why is testing monetization techniques so important? Example inside.

For the same reason it is important to have several different websites, it is important to monetize those websites in different ways.  Why?  Because each website you own will bring a different demographic of people, and depending on that traffic, some monetization techniques will work better than others.

Here is a typical example: one website could make $25/1000 visitors when monetized with Google Adsense and $75/1000 visitors when monetized with Amazon Associates.  If that website is getting 2000 visitors daily, that is a difference between a website making you $50/day versus $150/day.  That would be $3,000/month that you are missing out on if you had never tested monetizing that website with Amazon!  Extrapolated over a year: $36,000.  See the importance of performing these simple tests?

And this is not an extreme case by any means.  The eCPM (earnings per 1000 visitors) can vary from $5 to $200 for the SAME AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC.  This is the importance of testing different monetization techniques.

I usually start testing different monetization techniques once any page on any website across my portfolio starts generating traffic of over 100 uniques per day.  And I usually test earnings for at least 500 unique visitors (but obviously, the higher that number, the more accurate you will be).

Testing is fairly easy.  A simple example would be to mark how much money you made on a post for the past 500 visitors with Google Adsense.  Next (for example), take off the Adsense and monetize with Amazon associates.  Write down how much you made from Amazon for the next 500 visitors, than replace the Amazon monetization with Commission Junction. Then try something else and write down those results.

Whatever monetization technique made you the most money is the one you keep on that page.  This is such an EASY way to multiply your earnings, yet so many people ignore it.  You already did the hard part (which was making the website and driving traffic to it!).  Why not do this final step that could make you so much more money?

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