Thought experiment (with a lesson!).

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Thought experiment (with a lesson!).

Here it is: what would you do with $30,000 / month of passive income?

Think about it for a little while and them come back and read this. 🙂

This is more of a philosophical question than a business one, but it’s important to think about. Why?

Because it will give you a clear idea of what it is that drives you. It’s actually a much more powerful question than “what would you do if you were rich?” This is because it puts a tangible number in your head and forces you into an actual analysis instead of a sort of fantasy / daydream.

For example, after thinking about it, it might turn out what you want to do is spend more time camping and hiking (this demonstrates that the real luxury you seek is more time). Maybe if you had those kinds of earnings, you would do an extended backpacking trip through Asia (in which case it becomes clear that location independence is what most matters to you). Perhaps you’d go to some less fortunate part of the world and try to help out (in which case charity is where your heart lies).

See what I mean? A lot of times the answer to this question turns out to be unrelated to any expensive purchases at all (or maybe you just have a few initial luxury items you’ve always wanted, but then after that a standard income would cover the lifestyle you desire).

In addition to answering this question as a hypothetical exercise, this question is one you may have to answer for real one day. 🙂

Why? Well, think about it:

First off, $30,000 / month is $1,000 / day, which is totally feasible in this business. This business is unique in the sense that it is about as difficult to get from 0 to $100 / day as it is to get from $100 / day to $1000 / day. Needless to say, there is a huge difference between those levels of earnings, but consistent traffic spikes happen all the time in this business, and those numbers are compounded when you have a massive portfolio of websites.

But just because your answer might make you realize you really don’t need to make that much money to be living the life that you want, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a reason to strive for those numbers anyway! For me personally, most of my monthly earnings go into a bank account (or more specifically, investment vehicles), and that money saved up gives me total peace of mind, which to me is the greatest luxury imaginable.

So…what you would with $30,000 / month of passive income?

Hopefully your answer helps clarify what really drives you and then leads you to the kind of life you truly want to live. 🙂

Mike Omar 

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