How freelancing can become a six-figure business (advanced marketing techniques).

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How freelancing can become a six-figure business (advanced marketing techniques).

What I teach you on my LIONS CLUB website and in my newsletters isn’t rocket science. Learning how to make a website and some basic Internet Marketing takes some time to learn and some time to master, but it really isn’t hard.

The simple truth is, however, that it is something most people don’t know how to do. Others simply don’t have the time or patience to learn.

HOWEVER, just about any small business could benefit greatly from from a website and / or intelligent Internet Marketing.

Offering those services is an easy way to make yourself some extra money!

This used to make me at least 1-2k / month extra working a handful of days per month, and it is not out of the question that doing this could lead into a very profitable business if you start doing it full time (easily into the six figures).

You can go out and offer your services to local businesses. A lot of small businesses still don’t have a website (unbelievable right??), so you can make one for them. You can offer to set up their social media profiles and get a newsletter set up for them. With what you’ve learned on my website, you can offer them all kinds of services related to their web presence, and they will be happy to pay you as long as they see the results.

Not only that, but because most business owners have no idea how any of this stuff works, you can charge them a monthly maintenance fee (say $100 / month?), even though most of these things run themselves on auto-pilot!

Freelancing websites and other online services is essentially what enabled me to survive the economic crash of 2008 and eventually led to me building my first online business. That first online business gave me the financial freedom to test other online business ideas, and that’s pretty much how this all happened. Freelancing is what has kept me afloat during all the tough times and it’s something I’ll always have to fall back on.

The basics of how I ran my freelancing business can be found here: freelancing advice.

In this newsletter I’m going to talk about some advanced marketing techniques that can take your freelancing business to the next level.

1. Specialization: This is one of the easiest ways to both make closing a deal with a client easier and charge more money at the same time. Let’s choose a random specialization as an example: plumbing.

To start, you would create a simple freelancing website: “Plumbing Online Solutions: we specialize in professional online advertising for plumbers.”

Imagine how many plumbers need this service, but are being marketed to only by generic online marketing companies, all with different services and prices. They end up shutting them all out from too much selection and confusion.

And then suddenly they get an email from a company that specializes in the plumbing industry! Not only are they suddenly much more interested in what you have to offer, they will pay more for a specialist too.

And as you already know, all online marketing is exactly the same regardless of which industry you are in. The only difference here is their perception of you. Nothing about what you do changes at all (except maybe the price!).

2. Be a complete solution: Yep, maybe they hired you because they needed a website (and nothing else at that time). But let them know that you can also set up their social media, build their mailing list, do their SEO, generate more leads, run PPC campaigns, and more! And explain the benefits of all these things that you can do for them.

If there is one thing all entrepreneurs have in common, it’s a shortage of time. Many of them will pay a premium price if you can solve all their problems. Upsell them on all those things and charge a monthly maintenance fee.

3. Facebook advertising: Facebook advertising is expensive when you are going for generic keywords: “Houston Texas Web Design.”

But when you specialize your ad, the prices go down to just a few cents per click: “Web Design for Plumbers in Houston Texas.”

And not only will your clicks be extremely cheap, you will only be getting extremely targeted traffic, which will make your conversion rate very high as well. Doing this will generate new leads for your freelancing business nearly free of charge!


Combine these three strategies, and you can easily build a six figure business freelancing. Imagine if you built 10 different specialty freelancing websites, all getting constant leads from Facebook advertising, and charged $1000 / website. With two gigs per week, that’s $8000 / month. This doesn’t include all the extra services you are adding to their bill and doesn’t include your monthly maintenance fees, which will slowly build over time.

All businesses work better when you think big and that includes freelancing! Start thinking this way, and you’ll begin to notice opportunities for extra income open up around you all the time!


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